Lo-Tide Review: “Luke Lovekin – Generation Z”

‘Excuse me is this cubical free?’ A review of ‘Luke Lovekin – Generation Z’. Written by Joe Hough. Luke Lovekin is a budding artist based in Stoke, UK, with a sound influenced by Lou Reed, Nick Cave and Jeff Buckley. His latest single ‘Generation Z’ has just dropped. Luke’s previous releases have all had somethingContinue reading “Lo-Tide Review: “Luke Lovekin – Generation Z””

Keep Busy w/ Look Busy

If you hadn’t heard already, look busy are an electronic rock group from Stoke-on-Trent. The three lads combine catchy melodies, powerful vocals and bouncy rhythms to form a polished sound. I had the pleasure of chatting with the band; Caleb Allport, the singer who has a metal plate in his arm and the scar toContinue reading “Keep Busy w/ Look Busy”