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Lily Perry is a Midlands based artist who’s practice focusses on feminist and psychoanalytic methodologies; where the portrayal of femininity throughout popular culture, art history and social media is explored through ‘performalist’ self portraits. These are then manipulated and hyperbolised through the use of photoshop in order to humiliate Male gaze theory via the imagery of the grotesque and the carnivalesque. Perry uses drag techniques, various props and fancy dress accordingly, to perform as a plethora of personas who’s appearance hyperbolise versions of femininity. Photoshop is then used to extort the external physique of these personas to immense proportions, to subvert the imagery of the Male gaze.

By seducing the viewer through familiarity, Perry forces them to comprehend a saturated reality of the objectification of women in patriarchal society. Perry’s work seeks not only to question the depiction and objectification of women and idealised femininity, but to also question the femme-on-femme gaze that women and those who identify as femme have come to impose upon them selves. Consequently, Perry finds herself with a fascination of the power of the Male gaze, in that it has subsequently embedded itself into the subconscious of the femme mind, resulting in them partaking in self objectification. Perry purposefully objectifies herself as the artist, questioning how the unconscious of capitalist, patriarchal society has enforced femmes to objectify themselves through the leitmotif of idealised femininity.


UrFaveDolly – Ur Fave Dolly, 2019, 47×33 Inches

What Do you mean it’s a phallic object – What Do U Mean It’s a Phallic Object? 🤔🧐, 2020, Live Instagram Piece, @Lilyperrry

When She Gaunt – When She G a u n t AF But Her A$$ Fat 🤤, 2020, Live Instagram Piece, @Lilyperrry

Ugh ffs – Ugh ffs, that annoying moment when you drink so much skinny tea you become this whole fuckin purple ass entity that embodies all the internalised misogyny and female objectification in the whole world that you could ever even IMAGINE 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄, 2020, Live Instagram Piece, @Lilyperrry

Untitled #3 – Untitled #3, 2020, Print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper, 46×70 Inches

Untitled #3 – Untitled #3, 2020, Print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper, 46×70 Inches

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