Lo-Tide Review: “Average Joe – Promo”

“An invocation of the egoic spectres of rock and roll, dressed as a grandstanding anthem to pop vanity.” Written by ‘Hough Brothers’. The inner beauty of Stoke, a post-industrial, cultural zone which some of us call home, lies in the contemporary artists that win over the hearts of local audiences’ week in and week out.Continue reading “Lo-Tide Review: “Average Joe – Promo””

‘Yang’, the Global Pandemic & Their Yogurt Form

“ONCE THIS IS OVER, WE SHOULDN’T GO BACK TO NORMAL, WE SHOULD DO BETTER THAN THAT.” – ‘Yang’ discuss genre fluidity, the global pandemic & their yogurt form. Interview by Caleb Allport I decided to keep things interesting during lockdown and catch up with the Manchester ‘genre fluid’ 2 piece – ‘Yang’. Made up ofContinue reading “‘Yang’, the Global Pandemic & Their Yogurt Form”

Keep Busy w/ Look Busy

If you hadn’t heard already, look busy are an electronic rock group from Stoke-on-Trent. The three lads combine catchy melodies, powerful vocals and bouncy rhythms to form a polished sound. I had the pleasure of chatting with the band; Caleb Allport, the singer who has a metal plate in his arm and the scar toContinue reading “Keep Busy w/ Look Busy”