‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ in Music

Written by Mars.

Every year we celebrate LGBT+ History month as a chance to look back at where the community has come from, remembering the struggles faced by Queer people throughout history. This year’s theme is ‘Mind, Body and Spirit”. Something I believe to be especially important right now, given the devastating effects of the pandemic.

These effects are taken on by many LGBT+ people, some of whom are forced to spend time with family members that disagree with their gender or sexuality, or have yet to even come out to their family – resulting in great mental pain. 

It’s good to take some time to think about this month’s topic, no matter your identity. What does ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ mean, and how can we apply this to our daily life?

Clause 28 Rally in Manchester, 20th February, 1988.

For LGBT people, ‘Mind, Body and Spirit’ is a self care message for not just the community, but the world. The pride flag represents many different things, and is not just a simple rainbow. Created in 1989 by Gilbert Baker as a way for gay people to express themselves freely, the flag has gone on to represent not just who it is that you love, but the ways in which you should love yourself and others. What better way to do this than discovering some new music and testing new genres!


The mind has been in turmoil this past year for pretty much everyone, and sometimes it’s difficult to remember that the mind is just as important as the body. People are beginning to understand the importance of this, more and more musicians are using music as a way to not only process their own struggles, but invite people to share theirs and offer up the idea that they aren’t alone. 

One thing that has always worked for the queer community and uplifted us in our identity is the act of living as your unapologetic self. A new band that I have recently discovered and fallen head-over-heels in love with is VENUS GRRRLS – a loud and proud Riot Grrrl band from Leeds who are bringing something fresh to the scene. 

Inspired by Bikini Kill’s Rebel Girl, their new song Goth Girl is the ultimate way to own yourself and be unapologetically loud and proud! I recommend cracking the volume to full when bashing this one out.

Image: Milly Hewitt


Just like the mind – the body has also been under stress this year. It’s important to remember that your mind and body are immensely connected. Getting up for a walk, some exercise – or a dance – is a brilliant way to lift your mood and pull your body from whatever it has been struggling with.

Next time you exercise the body, try listening to Mother Mother – an indie-rock band from Canada that are making their own rules up for genres and songs – with Verbatim becoming the unofficial Non-Binary anthem due to its queer outlook on gender and sexuality. MM have a huge focus on the body throughout all of their work.

Other notable tracks include Body – a story of the desire to swap your body and start again, also Ghosting is a personal favourite – purely because it’s just so beautiful.


Spirit is one that we often forget. On this occasion, I’d like to present the idea of looking towards the future with great excitement. Having spirit is something that the LGBT community have fought hard for over their history, and exactly how pride came about.

For me, I like to listen to certain uplifting songs and think about the day we’ll all be able to go out and hear them in public whilst being surrounded by others. Humans are social animals, and marginalised groups such as Queer people need interaction around those similar to us – even more so in these days. Especially in the scenario of having to isolate with non-accepting family.

To give me hope, I like to listen to something a bit more dancey, and after Urbandawn won awards for their Drum and Bass remix of the classic Beatles song Come Together, they have since released the track Together Again (I Pray). Perfectly capturing the spirit required to be kept alight whilst we work towards a return of normality. 

In honour of LGBT history, take time to replenish your mind, body and spirit, find some new music and treat yourself! It’s been a long year, but we can get through this, and be Together Again!

Written by Mars.

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