There’s Nothing to Discuss, But The Art of Giving Up.

In conversation with Maddy Storm.

Written by Caleb Allport.

 Last Friday saw none other than Maddy Storm yet again delivering the gift of her unique pop edge persona with the release of brand new track – The Art of Giving Up.

 A self-produced piece, that in the eyes of Storm is created in order to challenge classic pop themes, integrating with an “over the top, in-your-face” distortion of both vocal and drums throughout.

Lyrically speaking, Maddy writes explicitly of her experience in dealing with adaptation to endings of certain chapters in her life. Saying that “the main concept is about knowing that something (whether that be a relationship or phase of your life) is coming to a close and not being ready to let it go. Moving on from something is a fine art – a tricky balance between happiness and sadness.”

“The Art of Giving Up” – Maddy Storm (Cover)

 The power of writing openly and honestly has proved a prize of evolution for Storm. Confidence within her own capabilities have been the result of her formative years – beginning at her first ever performance in 2013. “I started out writing and performing as just me and an acoustic guitar, then I started to play with a band and write Psych-Rock. I feel like I’m using those years to inform the pop music I write now. Music and my personal growth have become deeply intertwined. Lyrically, I used to be scared to be honest – I’d hide in metaphors and natural imagery, but as time has passed I’ve realised my best songs are written when I say the things that I feel I shouldn’t.”

 Not only is The Art of Giving Up a self-produced work by Storm, but the music video in its accompaniment is collectively shot, directed & edited single-handedly. She says “Some would say I’m a control freak!” But following a wide-spread rise of DIY work this year – potentially due to reoccurring lockdowns and a lower dependency of record labels, we ask how Maddy Storm measures the value of a DIY approach to her art. “I think everyone has their own musical route, but I definitely feel that there is value in doing things yourself – getting to grips with the ins and outs and being able to have full creative control over your own vision. Starting out yourself is valuable in regards to your growth as an artist too. But, as you build I think that there is an immense value in growing a team around you who share your vision!”

Photo Credit: Isobel Williams

 Amongst the whirlwind of 2020, we’ve seen the Alt Pop innovator release an abundance of quality new material. This year’s catalogue: Dizzying Heights, followed by Indian summer banger – Surrealist Dinner Party & of course, most recently – The Art of Giving Up has cemented a distinct identity for Maddy Storm. However, she implies of more to come, revealing that “a lot of the tracks are unfinished, but that’s part of the reason I love it. You get to hear and visualise the ideas before their full form.”

 With the recent news of a vaccine against COVID-19, we are provided with a potential ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ for what has been a tough year for most – including our beloved sector of live music and entertainment. Maddy Storm discusses her plans and predictions for 2021, stating her hopes to “keep growing as an artist & person. I plan to release more music and I hope that it’s well received!”, also a “definite” increase in live performance is to be expected from Storm, should a more familiar climate be initiated in the coming months.

The Art of Giving Up is an artwork that cements Maddy Storm as a seriously exciting prospect for the world of Pop Music. This year has been utilised in demonstrating her high capabilities in both production and visual art. Following this, we wait in great anticipation to witness the live renditions of the identity that Maddy has created within 2020.

Written by Caleb Allport

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