Lo-Tide Review:

“The Rills – STARDOG”

The fourth single from London-based band The Rills has shown them pushing the boundaries of British indie and stepping into a genre of their own creation.

Written by Taylor Duffy.

The Rills began their promising musical journey in 2017 with the debut of their popular first release ‘Pyro’. Although their previous singles have remained within the realms of indie, ‘Stardog’ shows that with every release the trio evolves their sound as well as paying ode to different musical influences with each single.

“The Rills” Photo: Lewis Budd

‘Stardog’ is the band’s second single of 2020 handpicked by lead singer Mitch Spencer from his large catalogue of prewritten music. Band members Charlie Warner-Webb and Mason Cassar bring the written story to life with their massive instrumental talent. The collaboration of Spencer’s ‘kitchen sink lyrics’ and the punk-style composition from the bassist and drummer make ‘Stardog’ a contender for being their best tune yet. The lyrics ridicule the concept of small-town dealers alter egos and provide listeners with a comical story-line; lead singer Spencer stated that ‘Stardog’ is an ‘Amalgamation of the small-time dealers’ from where he grew up in Lincoln. It will prove to be a relatable hit with most people who have experienced life in a small town. They will know ‘Stardog’ who works 9-5, but upon the weekend becomes as quoted from the band, ‘a satirical Pablo Escobar’ and by the time of Friday – He’s a Stardog’. The man-made sound of a conversation over the phone towards the end of the track adds another sense of reality, as well as paying compliment to the timbre and tone the band is creating. This also demonstrates The Rills evolving sound as it dives into a post-punk genre whilst remaining indie and enjoyable. The distorted sound of a male vocal, paired with the short instrumental makes for a turbulent experience that will transport any listener from what they’re doing to becoming immersed within the life of a ‘Stardog’ for 3:18s.

Post punk inspired ‘Stardog’ is a small but promising taste of the talent still to come from The Rills and will certainly prove to become a crowd-pleaser.

Written by Taylor Duffy

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