Poetry by Krystofer R Mackie.

I are and you am
We aren’t– we am
We weren’t – we was
We do not – we does
We am in love

Our love, it exists
We love therefore we is
I look at yourself
And you look at myself
And then we’re really just narcissists

Us lovers
We love one another
two another
three and four and five another
We love each (and every) other
Us ‘amants
We am’nt
All that good with grammar
But dammit, why bother
Stumbling through words with this lexical stammer?

‘You and I’
The ‘and’ is misleading
We’re not so good at reading

‘I am in love with you’
(As if I could really be in love without you)

‘We were meant for one another’
(Could we have been meant against one another?)

And who’s doing the meaning?
He said: ‘Let there be love!’
And there was love
There! Over there!
Right there!
And then He decided to put a bunch of people in it
And now we’re in it – we’re inside the love
I was in love without you
And you were in love without me
And now we’re in the love together!

‘We make love every night’
Look, we made a love!
Our room is littered with the loves we’ve made
‘Our love is growing’
We water it every day
It’s gotten so big now we may have to buy a bigger pot

‘I am yours and you are mine’
I think we’ve mastered ‘POSSESSIVE PRONOUNS’
My your is your my
Thine and mine combine entwine
You’re yours, of course
You’re more yours, for sure
And now we are ours
The hour of the our
Howe’er, now our ours
Are aware of their power
How’re our ours ours?
Shouldn’t they be theirs?
Those boundaries are bound to be

‘I am you, you are me’
I think we’ve mastered ‘IDENTITY’
We are one                             You = me = one
We are also equal                  You = me = equal
But what are we?                   You + me = we
But then,                                 You ≠ we
And                                         Me ≠ we
And yet,                                  You = me?
We make an odd little trinity

And what about ‘SYMMETRY’?
We used to be so lonely
Wallowing in our reflexivity
But now we are symmetric are we
I love you love me
You love me love you
Will we be together forever together be we will
Do you truly love me love truly you do
Will you always with me be with me always you will

‘Always?’ That’s mighty long
I love you, etcetera
Jamais ne s’arrêtera
I love you dot dot dot
I must love you an awful lot
To love you dot dot dot
So far I’ve only ever loved comma,
Or loved semi-colon;
Loved question mark
Exclamation mark
Loved parenthesis (but let’s skip that part)
I’ve loved dash – and: colon
Loved-hyphen much too often
And now I love dot dot dot
Full stop.

So what have we learned about love?
Love is dyslexic
Utterly unintelligible
Love is an infinite staircase
It’s the reason Achilles will never outrun the tortoise
Love is that ship that keeps losing parts
It’s the love of all loves that are not lovers of themselves
Love is bleen
Love is grue
Love is always unexpected, and will fall on a Wednesday
This statement is in love
Conclusion: All I love, is that I love nothing


More to follow from Krystofer

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