Lo-Tide Review: ‘Dennis Dinkle – Blame It On The Weather’ EP.

Written by Joe Hough.

Take a step into Dennis’ back garden shed to experience the raw emotion and intimacy of ‘Blame It On The Weather’. Blame It On The Weather is the debut EP from the seasoned songsmith, Dennis Dinkle, featuring three songs that display Dennis with no backing, just the man and his guitar.

Dennis has been away from the game for a while now, taking his time to compose himself. Walking back in from sea level, he is sure to climb some peaks. This EP really sets the foundations for Dennis, showing he does not need a band behind him to make some noise.

Both the opening track, and title track ‘Blame It On The Weather’ was “written on a wet, miserable Saturday afternoon whilst the Wendyhouse was flooding at a similar rate as Stoke City’s goal.” Lyrics like ‘walking fishes’ and ‘mowing carpets’, cleverly representing the messy state of current affairs. The song makes for a simple, catchy track kicking off the record with a light and approachable setting.

‘Grey Skies Give Me The Blues’ is when you really start to feel Dennis’ passion spill into the record. With similar themes from the previous song, this song starts to delve deeper. The gentle picking of the guitar and sentimental lyricism gives off a slightly darker feeling.

‘Blame It On The Weather’ was recorded with a friend of Dennis’, Joe Stanton, who has worked harmoniously with him on this record. They had the idea to record everything together in only one or two takes, which really gives the tracks an organic feel.

There is plenty more left up Dennis’ sleeve, with plans to record with a band in the studio and getting himself back in front of a crowd once it is safe to do so. With the addition of fresh management, from Nat Dulson, the future looks exciting for Dinkle.

Dennis Dinkle will be featuring within a Lo-Tide Live session in the near future. In the meantime, checkout Dennis on social media.

Dennis Dinkle Social Meda

Lo-Tide Social Media


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