Lo-Tide Review: “Average Joe – Promo”

Average Joe (Left), Jimbo (Right). Photo Credit: Ben Hough

“An invocation of the egoic spectres of rock and roll, dressed as a grandstanding anthem to pop vanity.”

Written by ‘Hough Brothers’.

The inner beauty of Stoke, a post-industrial, cultural zone which some of us call home, lies in the contemporary artists that win over the hearts of local audiences’ week in and week out. Right now, no one seems to be getting as much attention as Stoke-on-Trent’s finest, Average Joe.

Average Joe has just gifted us all a new single with an official video, ‘PROMO’ so we had to check it out. “Many hands make light work” is the attitude spelt out by the diverse, dynamic Average Joe team, including his band – The Rules who have helped to bring his artistry to the stage.

The clever part of Average Joes identity is that he is your everyday, denim jacket wearing, bottle drinking, cig-smoking guy, truly humble in his ways, yet carries the presence of someone who wants to smash boundaries, prides himself on his individualism, and captures an audience with his everything but average lifestyle.

Average Joe. Photo Credit: Bertie Baxter

In the setting of ‘PROMO’, the stage is styled in a dark, dismal, drab hotel room, symbolising the raucous attitude of rock ‘n’ roll. There is some dialogue between Average Joe and a mysterious person on the other end of the hotel room’s phone.

Where the f**k is my money, do you know who you’re talking too? Do you know who I am?” This bravado sets up the tone of the track and swings effortlessly into the opening verse.

The explosive hand percussion sits right in the back of Joes’ pocket, mixing well with the drumbeat. The record is accompanied with a bass run that satisfyingly fits like a needle in a groove. The intermittent brass sections and precise guitar adding a lovely element of jazz to this hard-hitting, upbeat track.

Joe’s bold lyricism summons the enigma of rock n roll in all its glory, the message playing on the arrogance of male front men and the thrills of the rockstar lifestyle. The tune stinks of the Average Joe aesthetic with an Ian Dury esque swagger.

The PROMO music video was produced by Pig Media. One of the things that impressed me was the vast range of shots captured in such a small and basic set. The sudden and sharp frame movements marry together with the tempo of the track.

The simplicity of the room and props are effective, often to typify the nature of Average Joes rock n roll charisma as he struts about and tells you exactly how it is. The camera dolly outro is a significant sign off shot, it breaks the fourth wall and portrays the pith of his performance, rather than the reality.

PROMO is the second release from Average Joe this year, following his debut single TAXI. Average Joe has hit the ground running, and he’s just getting warmed up.

‘Promo’ Average Joe. Photo Credit: Bertie Baxter

Checkout the ‘Promo’ Video on YouTube

Average Joe’s Other Social Media

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